The Enginesis Online Games Platform

Enginesis is a platform of services, widgets and APIs supporting online gaming. With the platform, developers can use Javascript, Actionscript, PHP or REST to access the services and take advantage of social and virtual currency features such as leaderboards, site-wide ranking, player achievements, a virtual items, profiles, multiplayer, user-generated content, reviews, comments, chat and a host of other supporting features.

This online games platform differs significantly from other products available today for the following reasons:

  • Mature: The developers working on this platform and the code base have been around for years. The architecture has matured significantly over a 10 year development period and honned over many popular online games. This is not some fly-by-night operation started yesterday by college students.
  • Robust: There are 100's of APIs covering all areas on online gaming, social interaction, community building and support services.
  • Open API: All of the APIs are open yet secure and can be called in a variety of contexts. There is a lot of flexibility with both service calls and results. The platform is open to almost any programming language and development environment with a web connection.
  • Scalable: The platform was developed for applications handling tens of thousands of concurrent user connections. It is capable of signification traffic load, has gone through numerous rounds of optimization, and we continue to improve the codebase.
  • Flexible: Application developers determine how they want to build their application and use the API. Enginesis does not impose restrictions in its use. However, more complex applications will require more coding and error handling.
  • Simple: The API and service architecture are simple and easy to use. SDKs help developers code quickly with built-in exception handling and support services.
The list of advantages goes on. The goal of Enginesis is to allow online game developers to focus on their game or interactive application and not worry about back-end services required for data persistance, community and social networking.

Enginesis Whitepaper

To learn more about Enginesis you can download these whitepapers:

How To Get The Enginesis SDK?

You can download the Enginesis SDK by following this link.

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