The Enginesis Online Games Platform

What Is Enginesis?

Enginesis is a platform of services and APIs supporting online gaming. It also includes features and services to allow web sites to easily include games and for developers to monitize their games with little effort. Enginesis is a comprehensive web-server based application services optimized for online games across multiple web sites. Enginesis supplies the common community services most online games require, such as aggregation, player profiles, score submit, leader boards, badges, achievements, point accumulation, player experience, multiplayer services and much more. With any standard game development environment accessible to the web, you focus on the core game play mechanics and features that make your game great. You don't have to spend your valuable time on the common site-based integration and community building tasks. A particular game can selectively choose to expose any subset or all of the Enginesis services to its community of users.

How To Get The Enginesis SDK?

You can download the Enginesis SDK by following this link.

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